Wrng Pattern - Sounds From An Unknown Town EP [TMPZ1]





Debut release heralding from newly sprung, Berlin label, Temporize, 'Sounds From An Unknown Town' is also the debut release from mysterious Italian, Wrng Pattern. Promising the directional sound of "electronic productions with no real boundaries in sub genre," this first release proves true to the labels intentions. The limited vinyl release features five eclectic sounding tracks, each reflecting a variety of places on the musical spectrum that the label is planning to represent. On the A-Side, listeners are presented with a rich UK and jungle fuelled dubby opener 'Ancient', followed by the more delicately constructed techno leaning banger, 'Dip City Lights'. Pressed onto the underside is intricately the deepest track on the record, 'Montjua' tipping it's hat to a more dubbed out electro palate. Followed by the deep digging dubbed out charger 'Grrl Skitty Up Up'. Rounding off the release is 'BB Mix', a stuttering, pad heavy track with off-kilter beats.</p> </div> <div id="single_sidebar"> <div class="product_infos"></div> </div>